Pre-School Ages 4-6


Pre-KK classes are designed to make learning fun and exciting for your young children. The activities and curriculum are planned to enhance your child’s development in preparation for introduction to our Koinonia Kids classes.  Pre-KK is a great start for early education.

 Click HERE for a quick view to a Scheduled Class Dates for BOTH Monday & Thursday Classes. 

2019-20 Classes


9:15am -11:15am

Mrs. Amy Czerski 

This two-hour preschool class is designed to make learning fun and exciting for your young children. The activities are planned to enhance your child’s development.  The lesson plans will encourage the development of language, literacy, science and math concepts, and to help develop an appreciation of music, art with a creative expression.  The curriculum is integrated into the class through a thematic approach.  

It will include sharing and conversation time, stories, songs and fingerplays, creative art projects (focusing on the process, not the product), games and large muscle activities, science and nature exploration, counting and math concepts, and letters and phonics. We will take time to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and participate in the December/May Fine Art program. 

Your children will meet new friends and learn to work with a group, share, and take turns. For those parents looking to enhance their children’s early literacy skills, the phonics class can be added.  This will extend class time to a 3 hour block.  With an extensive list of topics covered you can enroll your child for a second year and not worry about repeating the same specific lessons from the previous year.

Class Cost: $416

PHONICS - (Ages 4-6)


Mrs. Amy Czerski

This class is designed to enhance your child’s phonics study by engaging in active learning games, songs and group activities.  We will be working with the Zoo-Phonics program.  This is a visual, auditory and kinesthetic way of learning the letters and sounds.  The body signals help aid in the memory of the sounds. As sounds are learned, they are practiced and reinforced by various exercises that allow all the children to learn together.

Class Cost: $208