Koinonia is a Homeschool Support Group that has been active in the community since the early 1990’s. Back then we had just a handful of moms & kids doing group studies, but today we have expanded into a non-profit association providing academic and enrichment classes to over 200 families under the leadership of an administrative team with the direction of a Board of Directors. 

Koinonia is a Christian organization, the purpose of which is to assist parents in their decision to home educate their children. We try and achieve this by encouraging supportive relationships between home schooling parents, helping children to build friendships with other home schooled children and providing academic classes for elementary through high school age students. Classes are administered by qualified tutors from a Christian world-view.

Koinonia is also actively involved in your child’s education through published notices of field trips, home school events, and other opportunities 

that a larger group can provide.

All classes take place on Mondays from September to mid-May at West Cannon Baptist Church in Belmont, with some advanced classes also held on Thursdays at Rockford Reformed Church. While not part of the West Cannon Baptist organization, they make part of their facility available to us for the entire day to conduct classes. On scheduled Mondays, we also serve a hot lunch for a nominal fee.

Scroll down to download the Scheduled Class Dates for BOTH Monday & Thursday Classes. 


Want More Info?

Are you considering home schooling or providing additional and higher academic classes requiring special equipment or group participation for your child? Please drop us a line and someone will contact you to answer all your questions. 

Or you can call Ruth directly at (616) 682-0578 

(please do not call the church offices).


What is Koinonia?

Koinonia (Koy-no-nee'-ah) is a Greek word which means "fellowship” or “brotherly love." It carries with it the meaning of a committed, trustworthy, and dependable relationship. Such a relationship can be experienced through participation, sharing, giving, and contributing. We hope to achieve a real sense of Koinonia among our members. We encourage you to explore our group and become as involved as you are able. It is by this involvement that you will bond with other home educating families and experience the true sense of Koinonia.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Find out if we are closed


Please note that in the event of extreme weather conditions, Koinonia may not hold scheduled classes. As a general rule, if Rockford Public Schools are closed due to weather conditions, most likely we will be closed too. If Rockford Public Schools has a two hour delay Koinonia will still hold classes per their regularly scheduled times and NOT have a delayed start. Parents are asked to drive at their own discretion. Any notification will be included on the list of school closings provided by WZZM Channel 13. You can find this info by viewing the television station or via the link below.  

Click here for closings >

2019/2020 School Year Calendar

 Here is the entire school year of scheduled days for both Monday and Thursday. 

Please note that ALL Thursday Classes will be held at Rockford Reformed Church.