General Information



Who may participate?

Koinonia Home School Group offers it's services and benefits to members only. If your family would like to participate, but is not yet a member of Koinonia, please see Membership Information. Membership is renewed annually. 


What classes are offered?

Classes are offered for pre-school through high school aged children of member families. Class placement is by age, not grade. Students must meet minimum age requirement by October 1st. Exceptions will be considered by the administrative team with proof of ability. See class descriptions for minimum age for each class.   For a list of the current classes select Classes in the menu bar.  


When and where are classes held?

Classes are held all day on Mondays at West Cannon Baptist Church. There are some advanced HS classes held on Thursday mornings too at Rockford Reformed Church. Please do not contact the church for any information pertaining to Koinonia.   


Classes will begin on Monday, September 14, 2020 and end on Monday, May 17, 2021. Specific holidays where there will be no classes are indicated on the calendar found on the Current Calendar tab. Or Click HERE for a quick view to a listing of Scheduled Class Dates for BOTH Monday & Thursday Classes. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled to a later date. 

How can someone be reached?

You can reach Ruth Hoogmoed via mobile phone at the number below during normal school hours. Please do not call West Cannon Church to reach someone in Koinonia unless you cannot reach Ruth  and it is an emergency.  The Church staff is busy handling church business and should not be expected to run errands for Koinonia. 

Ruth - (616) 295-6222

Registering for Classes

Since your family must be a member of Koinonia in order to register students for classes, a Membership Application with BOTH parents’ signatures, must be submitted with the class Registration form, fees and first tuition payment. 

• Application for Membership and class Registration can be done at any time.

• Open Registration for all Current members begins on the second to last Monday in April.  Registration for all New members begins on the last Monday of April. 

• Current Member Registration begins one week prior to Open Registration for the benefit of Current Members ONLY.

• Parents MUST complete and provide payment for Membership on or before registering for classes.  

• Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Most classes have a limited class size, and registration for classes will close when the class becomes full.

• Koinonia reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is insufficient interest.


• Tutors will contact you the first part of August to welcome your children to their class.

• Your check will be your receipt. Please keep a copy of the registration form for your records

• In the event of full classes your student can be placed on a waiting list. Often students on the waiting list may not get into a class.  Class tuition is not invoiced as long as a family is on the waiting list.    

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Monday Classes held at West Cannon Baptist Church

5760 Cannonsburg Rd NE, Belmont, MI 49306

Thursday Classes held at Rockford Reformed Church

 4890 11 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI 49341