Events & Happenings

Koinonia Middle School Players

Koinonia Middle School Players

Koinonia Middle School Players


Be sure not to miss the Middle School Drama classes a.k.a. The Koinonia Players when they provide an evening of great entertainment  with their outstanding productions. 

Middle School

Play: The Jungle Book

Date:  May 19, 2020

Place:  West Cannon Baptist Church

Time:  8 pm

Koinonia High School Players

Koinonia Middle School Players

Koinonia Middle School Players


Be sure not to miss the High School Drama classes a.k.a. The Koinonia Players when they provide an evening of great entertainment  with their outstanding productions. 

High School

Play:  Fierce Creatures

Date:  May 1 & 2

Place:  Kent Theater

Time: 7pm, 2pm, 7pm


Field Trips

Koinonia Middle School Players

Spring Formal



During the school year parents offer suggestions on field trips they may choose to lead to a fun location for kids of all ages. While Koinonia does initiate some select events and field trips, we encourage parents to plan & facilitate many of these great outings themselves.

Here are some of the trips and great events Parents have done-

• Spirit of America Concert

• Kent County Recycling Center

• Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

• Packing Meals for Haiti

• The Nutcracker

• Christmas Workshop

• Blandford Nature Center

• Patterson Ice Arena

• Van Andel Institute Tour

• Fire Station

• WZZM 13

• Civil war reenactment

• Moo School

• Cannonsburg Ski Hill

• Kent County Road Commission 

Spring Formal

Family Picnic/Open House

Spring Formal


Every year Koinonia hosts a Spring Formal for students age 14 (by June 1st) and up. This event is a time for students to dress in formal clothes, dine at an upscale or unique restaurant, and then let loose for some fun activities. 

   Our first stop will be Kirby Grill in Grand Haven for some fine eats. Next we will head Downtown Grand Haven for some planned fun & games. Our final stop will be the 3 Mile Project for a continuation of activities and excitement. This facility has all kinds of activities to choose from like basketball, volleyball, foosball, air hockey, pool tables, a skateboard park, re-ball (like paint ball), and theater rooms.  They also added a ninja course.  While this is a Koinonia led event we need help from parents from planning to execution to chaperoning. 

  Talk to Tammy for more info.  

 May 7, 2020

  • 3:00 - Meet at West Cannon Baptist for pictures and ride arrangements
  • 4:00 - Leave for Kirby Grill in Grand Haven 
  • 5:00-6:30 - Dining @ Kirby Grill 
  • 6:30-8:30 - Fun & games in downtown Grand Haven
  • 8:30-Midnight - 3 Mile Project

See you May 7, 2020.

Family Picnic/Open House

Family Picnic/Open House

Family Picnic/Open House


Date: Thursday, Sept 10th, 2020

Time: 6-8:30 pm

Join us in September as Koinonia kicks off the year with our huge family event to welcome new families and welcome back last years’ students. We will have tables for dining but you are welcome to bring lawn chairs and a blanket. It’s a great time to meet the kids and families of Koinonia Home School. Come join us around the back of West Cannon Baptist Church!

Koinonia will provide the burgers, dogs, fixings & lemonade. Families usually bring a favorite dish to pass. We’ll also have the building open for kids and parents to see where the classrooms are located so the first day is a breeze. It’s always a great event.  Watch for the email with all the details!

Field Trip Guidelines

Family Picnic/Open House

Family Picnic/Open House



Sign up:  Registration will be taken for all field trips to provide hosts with accurate information.  Call or e-mail the field trip contact person listed in the newsletter to sign up.  If you sign up by e-mail, mention “Koinonia” in the subject line.  You will receive confirmation of your sign up via e-mail.  Please do not sign up by leaving a message on the answering machine.

Chaperones: Home school field trips are chaperoned by ALL parents.  A parent must attend with their child.  If a parent cannot attend, you need to arrange (in advance) another Koinonia member parent who will be responsible for the care and discipline (if needed) of your children.  Please notify, in advance, the Koinonia contact person for that trip so they are aware of who will be responsible for your children.  If unable to find another parent, please cancel with advance notice.

Cancellations:  Please notify the contact person as soon as possible so that arrangements may be made for someone else to attend.  For field trips involving a prepaid fee, a reimbursement may or may not be given due to the sign up arrangements with the establishment.  If you are a “no show”, your money will be put into the Koinonia general fund for other uses. If a field trip must be cancelled due to inclement weather or any other reason, you will be notified ASAP and your payment will be returned to you or you will have a credit towards another field trip.

Payments:  For field trips that have a fee, please make all checks payable to Koinonia.  Payments must be received by the “sign up deadline” specified in the newsletter or your name will be removed from the sign up list.  Please call or e-mail to sign up before sending payment to see if there is space available on the field trip list.

Questions:  If you have questions concerning a specific field trip and the information is not available in the newsletter, please call the coordinator for that field trip.

•  Please make every effort to be prompt to the field trip that you’re attending.

•  Line up outside the facility upon arrival (unless other arrangements have been made). 

•  Be sure to express to your children the importance of mannerly behavior and a listening ear during the presentation and a grateful heart when it is finished.

•  Please do not handle or touch items unless specifically told to do so as part of the field trip.

•  Have a wonderful time learning and make it a positive event for everyone.

•  If you have enjoyed the field trip and appreciate the efforts of the guide, have your children write a thank you note to express your gratitude!